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The Driving Advantage Team focuses on the real challenges facing today's drivers.

Our aim is to motivate drivers to take more care on the roads and make their safety a priority.


The Low Risk Driving principles can be applied and are applied to all our training courses

These principles are aligned with OH&S and will reinforce your organisations safety messages and commitment to value employee safety

We will provide our knowledge, experience, unique training, instructing

and presentation style to your next course or project.


We come to you and delivery your training on site

We also have training facility's Australia Wide.

With a team of experience and qualified trainers covering all topics

with researched information, up-to-date data and positive consumer feedback

we provide a balanced and comprehensive presentation.


Training course's can be tailored to your individual & company requirements.

Full Day programs

Half Day Refresher Programs

One on One individual training is also available





Advanced Driver Training
Defensive Driver Training
Low Risk Driver Training
Four Wheel Driving
Precision Driving
Security & Tactical Driver Training
Motorcade Driver Training

Ambulance Patient Transport

Emergency Patient Transport

Towing & Reversing

Truck Driver Training
Young Driver Programs

Road Safety Seminars

Motorsport First Responder

Product Launches, 
Technical Training Seminars,

Dealership Training,

Six Point Sell,

Vehicle Walk Around, 
New Vehicle Launches,

Presentation Dinners, 
Drive Day Experiences, 
Manufacturer Drive Days, 
Road Safety, 

Automotive Repairs & Servicing,
Business Development, 
Sales Presentations,

Fleet Vehicle Assessment & Evaluation

Diagnostic Evaluations,

Tyre Testing,

Chassis Dynamics,

Performance Evaluations,

Driver Coaching

Team Management

Motorsport Training

Race Engineering

Workshop Management

Vehicle Preparation


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